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Medium noise. Gran Premio Adquisición Medios e Instalaciones, Salón Nacional 2017
The exhibition of Alternative Media and Installations of the 106th National Visual Arts 2017

Paula Surraco, ganadora del 106º Salón Nacional.

Medium Noise
The project gather a series of images and objects composed of buildings remains, founded in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reservation of Buenos Aires, transported about 1978 when hundreds of houses and buildings were demolished to build the highway in the Avenida 9 de Julio. The pieces of debris formed the soil, land gained to the river, transforming the ground of the Reservation area.
In the installation, these remains of concrete, bricks, drains, pipes, etc., collected in different visits, are stimulated by small speakers that transmit sounds recorded in the current environment of the highway, the origin of these remains. The vibrations are filtered by contact microphones and emitted by an amplifier where we hear the sound emerging from the interior of the pieces.
Altered and transfigured, these pieces become witnesses of political decisions on the urban territory.
The artwork connects two spaces of the city through their sounds across historical times they share. The audio material collected during the different trips to the places and objects found, serves to reveal the information buried in the construction wastes, over times. Is a reflection about the public space, how we shape it as landscapes and how the sound of the land reveals the human operations on itself.

The project Médium Noise was honored with the Great Prize from the National Salon of Media and Installation in 2017.
It was exhibited at C.C. Recoleta during the Experimental Sound Art show Thresholds in 2015.
and at the Women in Visual Arts Exhibition at the Víctor Roverano Museum, Quilmes, Buenos Aires in 2016
Project developed during sound art Laboratory of Música Congelada by CoZa and A77 in cheLA.

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Medium Noise. Notes, collages, drawings and texts of the work process during Medium Noise Project.

Costanera Sur, where the debris were collected.

Highway 9 de julio where the houses were destroyed. Homemade super 8 from 1976.

Unheimlich | Fricciones | Video | Installation
An exploration of spectral images in fight scenes recordings. Through the projection on translucent screens overlapped, the concave space occupied by diffused ghostly images revealed.

Photographs, drawings and video installation.
Loop, Black and White. 6'22 '', digital video.
Projection on a series of overlapped and translucent screens.

Sound Design.

Luxia Project.
Six artists gather to explore the nature of perception, using light as raw material, its infinite poetic and aesthetic possibilities. A lab to test plastic frameworks, folded structures, chromatic overlays, and transparents, through painting, video, and installation. The work stations are arranged as an itinerary that invites update ways of perceiving the visible spectrum.
*Isometric Transformations. Collaborative artwork. Folded paper and video mapping.
Maria Elisa Luna / Paula Surraco

Intervention of space under the same concept, with new works by María Elisa Luna, Josefina Muslera, Laura Focarazzo and Paula Surraco.

Memoir Revealed
Exhibition of the photographer José Antonio Haedo's Archive, a native of Gualeguaychú and ancestor of my father's family.
The collection is composed of images of his relatives, of the city of Gualeguaychú and surroundings registered during different periods of his life in that area of Entre Ríos.
He tested different cameras and experimented with image processing, from capture to development and printing.
His perception of everyday life is reflected in the portraits, the situations, the shots of the urban and rural spaces showing a particular look, a point of view closer to the contemporary experience with the image in relation to the environment.

While the images of J.A.Haedo are shown in the video, the installation connects two temporary spaces through the sound of the Uruguay River. The river as a permanent figure and a link between the different realities captured.

Prints from glass plates between the beginning of the century and 1940/50's.
Video installation The Oblivion of the Cloud ( phrase from a poem by Juan L. Ortiz, poet from Entre Ríos) slide and sound recordings from the coast of the river in 2013.
Museum Casa de Haedo, October 2013.

Sonidos de las primeras clases de piano / Sounds of the first piano lessons.
Video and music, 1'26 " 2012

Sound Postcards from Chile.
Sounds and photographs from Santiago, at the bus station, downtown, La Serena beach, Viña del Mar, and Valparaíso. Chile, 2012.
*Exiliado en España, el escritor Bolaño se refería a Chile como País Pasillo.

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